Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: 2012

dimanche 30 décembre 2012

AoyamatheNasu and the French version

So, I have now a French version of AoyamatheNasu!

Some peoples don't understand everything when I wrote in English. Students and friends told me that they unfortunately don't understand everything. And I can understand that. So, I decided to start a blog, similar with this one but in French.

All the post, Illustrations, Texts, everything will be - I think - the same as for here ^^

Aaaah, I'm tired..I just finished the traduction of the post.

 I started since the article of  "December 2011". I began to wrote in English that time.

Here's the Link and the Banner: Aoyama La Légendaire Nasu

lundi 24 décembre 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I'm sorry. This is not the Final Version but I post it now because I wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas!

I still working on it to give you the final version

jeudi 13 décembre 2012





I wish you a very nice day!!


mardi 11 décembre 2012

The Birds

I "talk" a lot last week so I think I won't tonight...Give you some holidays ;)

Blue Paper
White Pencil

mardi 4 décembre 2012


La semaine derniere, le 26 novembre, Masashi HAMAUZU était à Paris. Il nous a offert un concert vraiment formidable!! Il nous a présenté le premier album de son projet IMERUAT intitulé "BLACK OCEAN" Mon seul regret? Ne pas avoir découvert IMERUAT en 2011 lorsqu'il a été mis en place. 

J'ai vraiment apprécié ce concert. Non seulement il a joué pour nous les musiques de son album mais on a eu aussi droit à des musiques jouées individuellement par chaque musicien (eh oui ils ont aussi une partie solo) en plus des chefs-d’œuvre qu'il a composé pour Final Fantasy XIII

Le groupe IMERUAT est composé de
Masashi HAMAUZU, le compositeur, il était au piano ce soir là. Il est vraiment très très sympathique. Lorsqu'il a joué sa composition seul, il a demandé qui dans le public voulait monter sur scène pour l'accompagner et faire la derniere note..J'ai pas osé >.< 

 MINA, la chanteuse qui jouait aussi du Mukkuri et du Tonkori. Elle a des origines Ainou et nous fait découvrir cela a travers sa voix, et sa musique ^^ Elle a été celle qui faisait les traductions et l'animation. Elle est vraiment charmante ^^ et drôle aussi!!

Toru TABEI, le guitariste avec qui j'ai pu prendre une photo mais qui est un peu flou. Comme c'était après le concert, j'ai pas voulu le deranger en lui demandant si on pouvait la reprendre. Il a la classe!

Hijiri KUWANO qui jouait du violon. J'aurais voulu lui prendre son chapeau! Et j'ai découvert un violoniste incroyable! Dès qu'il a commencé a jouer, mon coeur c'est emballé! C'était un plaisir pour les oereilles et le coeur! Pour ses musiques en solo, il était accompagné de Kazuko Nakase qui à participé à une autre musique. 

Ce concert était MAGIQUE!! Je suis pressée d'avoir l'occasion de les revoir!!

Mais c'est pas fini!! Car Wayô Records
nous avait organisé en plus de ce fabuleux concert, une séance de dédicace!! OU j'ai pu faire dédicacer l'album collector de Final Fantasy XIII, le livret du coffret collector du XIII-2 (oui j'aurais pu ramener le coffret entier mais il était trop grop XD la prochaine fois!) et l'album "Black Ocean" ^^ en plus j'ai été une des privilégiées  poster dédicacé!

Sinon le dessin que je vous propose ce soir, c'est le portrait que j'ai offert a HAMAUZU san. J'espère qu'il lui plait >.<

En tout cas, je souhaite remercier Masashi HAMAUZU , MINA, Toru TABEI, Hijiri KUWANO, Kazuko Nakase et Wayô Records pour cette soirée vraiment formidable!!! J'espère que j'aurais l'occasion de les revoir! En attendant, je vais m’enivrer encore et encore des musiques de Black Ocean et Final Fantasy XIII et XIII-2

Bon je dois encore m'améliorer en portrait...>.< 

mardi 20 novembre 2012

Game: "Who am I?"

Hi hiiiii

Today, I decided to post some fanart I made. But I won't tell you who they are right now. It's only the sketch. But later, if you are nice, I'll put the ink version and if you are very very veeery nice, the version with the colours. Or, you pick up the one you prefer and I do it.

So, let's play a little game. It will be easy. You can ask for some clues if you need.
Oh and for you who are very smart, I change the name of the file so you can't find them thanks the "Page HTML Code" eheh I'm smart to sometime...
- "Not very often then ..."
-"Eh what?! Ikami how dare you!!! "

Anyway First one:Easy!

Second :



mardi 13 novembre 2012

H.A.T: "Sort the Laptop"

The new strip is done. Finally!!

I said "finally" because I took too much time this time...More than I should! Not because it was difficult but because I lost too easily my focus...Everytime I started somthing on it *nasof~* I went to do something else as watching a video, going on DeviantArt, looking for new songs and them sing them and dance on them's kinda like this 四コマ。。。 the new 四コマ ^^/

Do you have this problem too or am I the only one?

dimanche 11 novembre 2012


Hi! I haven't post anything at least since 2 weeks haven't I? Sorry...I hope you'll forgive me....>.<
So I know it's not the usual day but I post a drawing today. Don't worry! It won't mean that there is nothing coming Tuesday. You'll have a new "H.A.T 四コマ(yonkoma)".

Anyway, this drawing looks simple. It's a character I made for one of my student Ninon. She made a very nice story. She made 4 plate story. As she wasn't able to draw the last page (because of time) I did it. If I remember well, Ninon calls this character "She-devil Isa"...I'll ask her to tell me if I'm right...(No Isa, it's not my fault ...Ninon choose that name >.<)

Who's is the she devil Isa? She is the Apple's Guardian. Maybe the colors don't match with what Ninon think about....Maybe you'll be able one day through her blog to see her story.

One day - very soon - I'll talk about my Love for prepared....I think all my students know how much I love Sony...


samedi 20 octobre 2012

October 19th: The Spirit Day

I'm sorry...I didn't know that today was such a Special Day. I'm so sorry. As I want to support that day to, I use an Illustration I made before...I'll do something new I promise!
I'm so sorry >.<

 I'll take that opportunity to say what I think.

Yes I support the LGBT Community. And I'm not affraid to say it loud. You know, I think that I shouldn't have to support them. I think that it MUST be something normal... as a straigth couple can love without hiding themselves, wihtout being bullying.

Yes, in the Bible, God said that a woman must be with a man. But I'm sure, God won't be "angry". He Loves us and want us to find happiness. I think God is Love itself and if loving another man while we are a man - or loving another woman while we are a woman - was forbidden, then, it could not exist. Don't take it wrong. I'm Christian. I pray, go to mass...I believe in God.

Anyway, there is nothing abnormal seeing to people with the same sex in love. I'm not shock or anything else when I see that.

You might think I'm strange but when I see two people who are in love in the street, I smile. Two men, two women or a man and a women...I don't see any difference and I smile. I smile because I can see, with my eyes that Love actually exist. And it's not something utopian. I can really see it. So, if I can see it, this "Love", no matter who they are, I'm happy. So I smile.
Is there anything that should bothers me? I don't think so...What bothers me, is that little mosquito who just bite me! è.é What bothers me is people, young children who died because they were fighting for the right to have an Education. What bothers me is seeing in the XXI century, people diying because they have no food, or water. The useless wars bother me. What bother me is seeing women beat to death or people being raped. This BOTHER me. But two people in love? Not at all!
What if one day, I found someone I love. I trully love and this personn is a girl...should I be shame about it? Do I want to avoid it like it's a disease? Hell no! If I can find true love, I'll accept it arm wide open!

So why will I bullying people who find it? I wish they'll accept me for who I am so I won't do to them what I don't want them to do with me...

For Parents and Family who don't accept it:

Why will you reject your own child because they are Gay or Lesbian? Why are you acting like they are not in your family? I don't understand that. Life is hard enough...for them, for all of us. Loving someone who are the same gender isn't a disease. It's not a curse or a punishment! How could love be such a thing?! Don't try to ignore your child or change him or her. He or she is the same person as you always knew. They haven't change. They just share something important about them with you. So why will you reject them? No matter how hard you'll try, your blood will always be in their veins. And they are a part of you...God won't punish you because you love your child for who they are you know? God don't punish! And He won't be angry neither...Why would He? Isn't your role to Love and protect your children? You are important for them. Don't lose your relashionship, your link with them because of who they love. Straight, Gay, Trans, Lesbians, Bisexual, there is NO difference. Love still Love.
And it's the same thing for sisters or brothers. Support your family...

As you read, I support the LGBT Community. And I am the kind who - no matter who it will be boy or girl -  will love without shame or fear. Moreover if it's true love. I'll protect the One I love no matter what. And even if I don't find the One, I'll fight against bullying with the LGBT Community, I'll fight with them. Everyone deserve to Love and to be Love. The gender isn't important. Love is.

I wish one day, soon, very soon that Everyone will be able to LOVE who they want without being bullying.

 I'll stop here because I'll keep writting if I don't....


hum....Well...for someone who "Love" isn't a favorite subject -.-"...I talk a lot...

mercredi 10 octobre 2012

"La Mort de Saint Innocent - Musée du Louvre"

This week, I was supposed to show you a part of the Illustration I'm working on but I think I'll "break" the surprise. I take too much time...I'm sorry.

So, I decided to post another "Dessin Académique". Yes I made it times ago but I really like it. The original sculpture is at what I call "My Home, My sweet and beautiful Lovely home": Le Musée du Louvre
About the sculpture

It's " La Mort de Saint Innocent   It was at the Saint Innocent Cemetery

I'll show you again my works in my sketchbook
This one was made with a black pen

Oh and if you're nice, I post some "elements" of the drawing I'm working on for next week ;)
Just tell me if you want some...

mercredi 3 octobre 2012


Hi everyone!

Sorry, I didn't draw anything "nice" for today (yes, it's 3:10 a.m, wednesday...and I'm was supposed to be for yesterday night...sorry) but I had a very nice week-end - which started Thursday at 16:00 p.m...aaand I didn't really draw...

But, I wanna share with you an AMAZING new! Some of you, the FRINGE'S Fans, knew that the season 5 has began!!!
And I am a BIG FRINGE Fan so, I knew it!!! Who's watching Fringe? I can't be the only one!!!

This is the best U.S drama I ever seen! John Noble is AMAZING. Anna Torv soo wonderful, Peter Jackson, really cute *;* I really like "Astro"...I love all Fringe's Cast! Fringe is the BEST FOX TV Show ever since Dark Angel! (yes I like Glee too but it's not the same..)

I saw all Fringe episodes from all seasons at least 4 times entirely!! I must do it once again for the seaons 5.And then, "Again, again and Again" as Arlene from True Blood said...(We'll talk about it later..)

Yes, we can say that: Aoyama is a FRINGE ADDICT

Aoyama Akira have no Rights on the Background used for this Illustration.
All Rights for the Fringe Wallpaper belong to the FOX Broadcasting Compagny.
But All rights reserved on the drawing and the text.
The AA tag is only for the character, Aoyama Akira...Me ;)

 Ikami: "Akira....what's the deal with this shoes? Not"

Well...I think I didn't post the Fringe Addict Part Two and End did I?'s late...or early so my brain

mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Welcome Back on Blogspot!

This is an illustration for a friend. I want to wish to Oscar "Welcome Back" on Blogspot.
I was almost harassing her to post new illustration for month. Yes I can be soo...irritating sometime.I don't know how she did to be able to bear me ^^;

You might find this really simple >.< Sorry. But Hope you'll like it anyway é.è


Now you must post something often ;)

Here's the link of Oscar's Blog:

samedi 22 septembre 2012

What are we doing?

Two post in one week...not usual.
But you won't have any draw or picture today. There is no picture or illustration which could express how I feel...

Today, I really wanna cry. This world is...became...I don't have any words to describe it. When I say that I really wanna cry is not just words. I really do. Life is really hard for all of us. No matter if we are Black, Caucasians, Asian, young, old, woman or man, Jewish, or Muslim. No matter if we are straight, gay or lesbian. LIFE IS HARD for ALL OF US!

We Human are just stupid beings. We are able to think, to create some incredible things, cure diseases, prevent naturals catastrophe and yet, we ARE destroying everything.

We are stupid being because we don't even learn from the past. With all discovery we made the past few century, with all the amazing technology and possibilities we have we can't even make our lives better. What kind of being are we?! We can have everything, but we can't live together in peace. We always wanna have what others have. More power, more money, more lands and a hand on every natural goods. That's what human being can just be.

Today, men are setting alight a city, a country just because they can't handle some press caricature? They are killing people because they can't handle the simple provocation? They start an "anti-thing" because some people made a movie?

Yes and I'm sorry for that, I'm pointing of some peoples but I'm aware that they aren't all like this. I'm counscious that many of them are kind and are not agree with all what happening now. I'm aware that in all countries, cultures and religions their is some people who's not "nice". It could be anyone, I'll think the same if they act like that.

But still, what kind of person are we if just a thing like that get to us? I haven't seen the movie and I don't know many thing about religious caricatures. But I think it's not a right thing to do. Not at all. Espescially when we know the consequences today.

 But nevertheless, it's not a good reason to erupt into violence. What God want us to protect them and defend them if it means to kill and destroy another country?

Society evolved.And now that we can't travel all other the world, learn more about each other we can't accept others "expressions"? Yes it wasn't nice but if someone make a very bad caricature of my God or me should I kill the one who made it? If someone say something bad or make a joke about me should I destroy them all?

No I won't! Painfull as it could be, I will laugh at it. And this is how I'll show that it didn't get to me. Yes it hurt. But if it mean to live alone in this world- after killing them all -, without any other Human Being, I'll do my best to handle it!This is the true strengh!

Rise an entire nation because what a few people of another country did, ask all our Brother and Sister to hate an entire country because of one piece of paper or movie is just to much.

By this action, you make other human being see ALL of you as a threat. As if they aren't enough suspicious. Now, people who didn't think the same way, people who are not "touch" by this movie or caricature, who doesn't care and just want to live in peace will suffering because of some peoples actions. When Humans are affraid, they just become somehow nasty...more than that.

As I said before, our life wasn't enough hard...we like to have it rough and then when we have it, we cry, we complain...

Yes, today I'm very move by what happen to this world. And sometime, I wish I could be anywhere else but here. When I think about our childrens legacy, what we'll give them, I'm affraid and I don't want to give birth to a child. Knowing he or she will live in a world- or what will left - where pain, suffering, hate, death.. will be the master-words.

I know that I won't change anything with that simple post...but I only it could do something. I want all of us be able to live in peace. I want that when I turn on the television I don't heard about people who kill another because of a stupidity. I don't wanna hear that an entire nation are about to start a war because some Islands or another because they don't appreciate something in the press....

Well..I can't do nothing and make me felle useless. All I can do is not to put all of people in the same boat and try to be as kind as I can, less judging as I could and keep thinking that's not all Human being is bad... 
I have just a question: Where are we going?

We said that Maya predicted the end of the world. It seems that we are not far from it. Just the way it will end is because of our own hands...sadly...We evolve just to end ourselves

mercredi 19 septembre 2012

Yusuke Kozaki-san

Sorry sorry sorry!!! I forgot to post what I wanted to show you yesterday. Last week in Paris, there was "Paris Manga" I was able to meet the GREAT and AMAZING Yusuke Kozaki san. He is amazing!! And really かっこいい!!(And cute >.<) I went at the Paris Manga only to see him. And I decided to draw something for him. A gift. So I made a portrait. I felt a little embarassed...I'm not a great drawer so....

And after giving it to Kozaki-san, I really think that many things are wrong. >.< so I'm more embarassed now! I hope he liked it >.<

Paris Manga 2012
Ikami: Waaaaaa
Akira: Ikami chan!It’s Yusuke-Kozaki san!!
I love Kozaki-san!!!


What do you think?

mardi 11 septembre 2012

Eiffel Tower

Here! It's been a long time since I posted what I call a "Dessin Académique" right?

So tonight, I decided to give you an "Academic Drawing". I made it few month ago for one of my Teacher from the University 大垣女子短期大学 (Ogaki Joshi Tandai) .
I don't remember if I told you befor but I went for 6 month ~ 1 year in Japan. And I had the amazing opportunity to be student in this University in the Design Department.

Some of them came in France this year and I was very please to be with them. I'll never ever forget all Teachers, Friends and Students I met in Japan. Never!

mardi 4 septembre 2012

H.A.T: "When you wanna watch a movie"

The title is quite long isn't it?

Tonight, a new H.A.T comics strip. I can't be the only one: You know, when you decided to watch a movie, and then, on your laptop (or computer), you open the 9GAG website...That moment, you know that you're lost and you won't be able to do anything else for the next 2 or 3 hours....

Aaaah 9gag...a very funny website...

PS: My appologize if you don't really like SONY. I just LOOOVE that BRAND and you'll find it on my pictures if I use an electronics good...

If you don't know what H.A.T means: "It Happens All the Time"

lundi 13 août 2012

Something Missing...My Heart,,,are...

Post Revised

 I miss my Japanese Friends a lot. I'm back since almost one year now but I miss \my life back there. Leaving Japan was something really hard. And I'm sure that my heart still at Ogaki. How lucky my heart is...
I should posted them before but...maybe I didn't want to put them here because it was a Treasure that I wasn't able to share here yet...hope you're not mad with me.

みな、会いたい。みな大好き。大垣行きたい TT-TT

mardi 7 août 2012

H.A.T: Leaving home

Here the first H.A.T Comics Strip.
(If you are not accustomed to the meaning of H.A.T, it means "It Happens All the Time")

samedi 4 août 2012

H.A.T: It Happens All the Time

I come here with a new idea: A new comics strip cycle.

Of course, I won't stop the "individual" one. This cycle is called H.A.T. (no not the "hat" you wear...) read "It Happens All the Time" As the title said, it's gonna be some comics strip about little things, little evens that happens in my - OUR - daily life. Maybe you'll find yourserlf in them....or not...And if that's so, you'll think " O God she's a "ばか" ahah"

Hope you'll like it. Don't be scared to give me your opinions. Positive or NOT. It's important to me to know what you think about my drawings, my style - if I have one-  everything which could help me to improve.

mardi 31 juillet 2012

Audrey and Akira: Onsen

Hi! How are you? Hope you have a lot fun if you are in holidays. If you are not, I hope you don't work too much and that you take time for yourself!

There is a new Illustration. I made it because I don't want to forget my journey in Japan. Well, I won't! I just can't forget that! Anyway, this is a souvenir I have with a very good friend.
We went to a Onsen with Seiko, a very very nice friend we met in Japan. Seiko take us to a onsen in the middle of a beautiful Garden. Don't remember the name of that place...If I do, I'll tell you.

Seems that Ikami reeeallly appreciate this isn't it! I wish I can go back to a onsen soon.

This is a kind of Dedicate to my friend Audrey.

samedi 14 juillet 2012

Is Ikami jealous?

A 二コマ (ni koma) I made for the "About Me" page. I think Ikami is the most reassonable. I, Akira, am maybe a little too much crazy...sometime.
I did this strip directly on my computer. Seems that I like drawing on my PC. It takes time but...finally I can. 

The text on that "About Me" page  is in french but if you want, I can make an English version

vendredi 11 mai 2012

2 in 1


jeudi 26 avril 2012

Pikachu FanArt - Acrylic Painting

I start this painting one week ago. Before I went at Loctudy and I finished it last night.
The first one and not the only one I think..... It's very funny work with acrylic.

I decided to paint some fanart to sell them. All I'll make will be "unique"
Do you think it will work? Will you  buy this one if you can? Well....I'll see on the exhibitions.

Tell me what you think about this first painting? 

A week at Loctudy

Hi all! How are you? These days the weather is not great! Rain, wind, it's getting cold! Take care of you okay?! Unlike me, don't catch cold...

Today, a loooong post. I wanna talk about the city I discovered.
Last week I was at Loctudy, in Bretagne. It was the first time I go out Paris and see another place in Metropolitan France. I come from La Réunion, my mother's family come from Mauritius so I traveled often on this Island, in 2010-2011 I was in Japan for one year and in march, I went in London. But in 3-4 years, I never see another city in France...

Loctudy. I went there to teach manga. But I didn't do only that. We were all together day and night, living in a huge house.

We were 14 on our side:

- 11 young peoples, who I miss 
- 2 animatos, who were very very nice
- and me

I said "our side" beacause we were not the only one in the property.  3 peoples cooked for us: Valerie, Sonia and a man. I don't konw his name sorry! I was delicious!! In Paris, I don't eat so well ^^.

We had the chance to have with us people who had a week training course for the BAFA. Some activities was prepared by them for us. I took part only to one (and today, I think I might do the other one)  and it was very instructive. They were very nice! And I hope I'll have the chance to meet them again one day.

Loctudy is a little but beautiful city! No far from the see, the beach is amazing. I really like the houses too. The young was very nice and we played a lot together. I discovered some very funny game.

I played with the young as I was a child!! Soo great! I had a lot of funny moment! Before the end, the child made a show. A very very funny one!! Sketch, Magician, Singer, "Sword". They were great! \Hope I'll see them again 

I loooooove the gulls!!

I'll stop here because the post will be longer!!

PS: I won't post picture of my "students" or the BAFA. I'll post some only if I have the autorisation ^^

lundi 9 avril 2012

青山のナス術 - Le "Nasu-Jutsu" d'Aoyama

Now, as I say before, the illustration I used for the banner. You saw it before. Just the sketch...
What do you think about it?

Banner and Facebook Timeline

 I created my blog since a long time now. But I noticed that I never had any banner since. So, first I made an Illustration and then try differents things.

Now, I have a banner for Aoyama-fait son-cinéma, a timeline/cover for Facebook and an Illustration

Blog's Banner:

  Facebook Cover:

Next post, the Illustration....

vendredi 6 avril 2012

It's just a test. I wanna try speed painting and as I don't know how to draw with this method I started with a picture. 
I don't know why I choose this one.... Maybe because I don't feel very good  these days. This is the original picture:

 And I I did this with it:

vendredi 30 mars 2012

明の”ナスの術” -Le Nasu-jutsu d'Akira

Hi everyone
It's been a while! Sorry. I was....busy.

So today, an illustration. I'm working on it.  I was thinking "I have no banner on my blog. What if...." And there we are!
It's not sure yet but...we'll see.

What do you think about it?


mardi 7 février 2012

A Fringe Addict - Part One

New comic strip for a new week. I hope have no mistakes. I need to  learn more Japanese. It's the first one  of three comics strip.
For 2 friends, I thinks it's a little too much polite.... 
I don't know if I make you wait until the next week for the others....
Tell me if you need a French translation

English  translation:
C1- Haruka: Akira-chan, watch this…
Akira : Okay…hum..what is it?…

C2- Haruka: It's a drama. American. It's call Fringe,
This drama is really amazing!  Whatch it and then we'll talk about it. 
C4- Haruka: Well Akira-chan, did you whatch it?  How was it?
        Akira: yeea...I watched the first episode. It's really interesting...
Haruka: I told you!Fringe is so fantastic! Watch all of it Akira-chan  and then, we'll talk about this great drama!

mardi 31 janvier 2012

Akira's first resolution

So, today, a new comic strip. It's not a yonkoma but a sankoma XD Yeah yeah, once again, I make you wait a long time. The fact is that I'm working on three strip in the same time and I can't find the wire of my bamboo tablet. Sorry. No excuses...right

The comic today, as said the title is about the resolution I'm gonna take for this new year. Usually, I never take resolutions. I don't think about it. I take the year as it comes...But I make an excepetion. After all, it's 2012, MY year.

Hope you'll like it.

If you need a French translation:
C1- Akira: J’ai une nouvelle résolution pour cette année…
Ikami : Quoi ?! Mais tu ne prends jamais de résolution…tu disais que c’était pas ton « truc »…

C2- Akira: Oui mais cette année est différente…
        Ikami: D’accord, ce sera quoi ta résolution pour 2012?
        Akira: Eh bien pour cette nouvelle année…pour 2012, pour ma première résolution je serais….

C3- Akira: Je vais être FULL HD!
        Ikami: Mon Dieu…Pourquoi je suis pas surprise ?!

*Tu es stupide ou quoi ?


A beautiful Present for my Birthday

Today, I want to show you a beautiful present that a friend gave me. Saina6 (my friend) asked to Kanthesis, one of her friend and very talented illustrator to do a drawing for me for my birthday.  
She knew that I really love panda and warioress so...that's what I had: A WONDERFUL ILLUSTRATION FROM KANTHESIS!!
It's just GOR-GEOUS!!! I love this illustration! The most beautiful present I had for my birthday!

I want to thank Saina6, who asked for the Illustration and Kanthesis who took on his time to give me this beautiful Present.



Thank you both for this present!!!

If you wanna see their works:
Saina6 :


jeudi 5 janvier 2012

A new year began and I'm already late on my schedule...So, before my resolution for this year (see I'm late!!) let me post a strip. (is that the first on this blog?!)

Title is Nasushi. In Japan, I ask to my lovely Japanese friends to call me Nas because my true name is a litle too long. In Japanese, we read "Nas" as "Nasu". And it seems that in this beautiful language, "Nasu" mean eggplant.

When I introduced myself, they laugh about the prononciation of "Nas" in Japanese. Since then, I keeep this nickname. So now, I'm Aoyama Akira-Nas The Eggplant.

Well stop talking and lets read this strip...which is a Premiere on my blog.
If you need a translation: 
C1- Nasu:..euuh..

C2- Nasu:..hum...Me too...
        Friend 1 and 2: ahahah ( do I really need to translate this? XD) 
        Friend 3: Isn't it! (or it seems if you like)

C3- Friend 1: I love eggplants! 
        Friend 3: Sushi too! 

C4- Nasu: I'm Nasushi (Nasu+Sushi)... You love me right!