Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: A week at Loctudy

jeudi 26 avril 2012

A week at Loctudy

Hi all! How are you? These days the weather is not great! Rain, wind, it's getting cold! Take care of you okay?! Unlike me, don't catch cold...

Today, a loooong post. I wanna talk about the city I discovered.
Last week I was at Loctudy, in Bretagne. It was the first time I go out Paris and see another place in Metropolitan France. I come from La Réunion, my mother's family come from Mauritius so I traveled often on this Island, in 2010-2011 I was in Japan for one year and in march, I went in London. But in 3-4 years, I never see another city in France...

Loctudy. I went there to teach manga. But I didn't do only that. We were all together day and night, living in a huge house.

We were 14 on our side:

- 11 young peoples, who I miss 
- 2 animatos, who were very very nice
- and me

I said "our side" beacause we were not the only one in the property.  3 peoples cooked for us: Valerie, Sonia and a man. I don't konw his name sorry! I was delicious!! In Paris, I don't eat so well ^^.

We had the chance to have with us people who had a week training course for the BAFA. Some activities was prepared by them for us. I took part only to one (and today, I think I might do the other one)  and it was very instructive. They were very nice! And I hope I'll have the chance to meet them again one day.

Loctudy is a little but beautiful city! No far from the see, the beach is amazing. I really like the houses too. The young was very nice and we played a lot together. I discovered some very funny game.

I played with the young as I was a child!! Soo great! I had a lot of funny moment! Before the end, the child made a show. A very very funny one!! Sketch, Magician, Singer, "Sword". They were great! \Hope I'll see them again 

I loooooove the gulls!!

I'll stop here because the post will be longer!!

PS: I won't post picture of my "students" or the BAFA. I'll post some only if I have the autorisation ^^

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