Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: janvier 2012

mardi 31 janvier 2012

Akira's first resolution

So, today, a new comic strip. It's not a yonkoma but a sankoma XD Yeah yeah, once again, I make you wait a long time. The fact is that I'm working on three strip in the same time and I can't find the wire of my bamboo tablet. Sorry. No excuses...right

The comic today, as said the title is about the resolution I'm gonna take for this new year. Usually, I never take resolutions. I don't think about it. I take the year as it comes...But I make an excepetion. After all, it's 2012, MY year.

Hope you'll like it.

If you need a French translation:
C1- Akira: J’ai une nouvelle résolution pour cette année…
Ikami : Quoi ?! Mais tu ne prends jamais de résolution…tu disais que c’était pas ton « truc »…

C2- Akira: Oui mais cette année est différente…
        Ikami: D’accord, ce sera quoi ta résolution pour 2012?
        Akira: Eh bien pour cette nouvelle année…pour 2012, pour ma première résolution je serais….

C3- Akira: Je vais être FULL HD!
        Ikami: Mon Dieu…Pourquoi je suis pas surprise ?!

*Tu es stupide ou quoi ?


A beautiful Present for my Birthday

Today, I want to show you a beautiful present that a friend gave me. Saina6 (my friend) asked to Kanthesis, one of her friend and very talented illustrator to do a drawing for me for my birthday.  
She knew that I really love panda and warioress so...that's what I had: A WONDERFUL ILLUSTRATION FROM KANTHESIS!!
It's just GOR-GEOUS!!! I love this illustration! The most beautiful present I had for my birthday!

I want to thank Saina6, who asked for the Illustration and Kanthesis who took on his time to give me this beautiful Present.



Thank you both for this present!!!

If you wanna see their works:
Saina6 :


jeudi 5 janvier 2012

A new year began and I'm already late on my schedule...So, before my resolution for this year (see I'm late!!) let me post a strip. (is that the first on this blog?!)

Title is Nasushi. In Japan, I ask to my lovely Japanese friends to call me Nas because my true name is a litle too long. In Japanese, we read "Nas" as "Nasu". And it seems that in this beautiful language, "Nasu" mean eggplant.

When I introduced myself, they laugh about the prononciation of "Nas" in Japanese. Since then, I keeep this nickname. So now, I'm Aoyama Akira-Nas The Eggplant.

Well stop talking and lets read this strip...which is a Premiere on my blog.
If you need a translation: 
C1- Nasu:..euuh..

C2- Nasu:..hum...Me too...
        Friend 1 and 2: ahahah ( do I really need to translate this? XD) 
        Friend 3: Isn't it! (or it seems if you like)

C3- Friend 1: I love eggplants! 
        Friend 3: Sushi too! 

C4- Nasu: I'm Nasushi (Nasu+Sushi)... You love me right!