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vendredi 21 août 2015

Betrayed by Lara Croft

 (sorry Lara it’s not your fault)

I wasn’t gonna say anything about it, trying to accept that. But seeing the opposition of these games in this article made me…I don’t know… I had to let it out. I’m sure a lot of people will think that I overact or it’s just stupid or else... Some of you will say that I’m not objective…maybe but as I said, I need to let it out.
TOMB RAIDER was, is, and I think/hope will be my favorite game! I discovered this game many years after the first one was out because my parents didn’t want me to play video games. I start playing on computer. I just had a MegaDrive but except that no game console at home. Anyway, I’m a Tomb Raider and Lara Croft fan for 14 years now. The first time I played it,  I was so amazed that it became the most important game I played. I wanted to learn everything about Lara, Tomb Raider Universe and I collected everything I could as a young girl with just the money my parents would give me sometime. I even bought the same game twice or more just because the box was different…I bought the books, the movies, the comics everything and I’m still doing it. My friends says I’m crazy but I just love that game! I love the universe and the amazing Lara.
My passion for PlayStation and Sony came later. I had my first PlayStation 2 very late. From this part, you’ll consider me, I think as taking part in the “Consoles War” because I have only Sony’s console and just one 3DS. But the rest is PlayStation.
Today, I read that an article from Design & Trend and the title said 'Uncharted 4' Vs 'Rise Of The Tomb Raider': Which Will Be The Top Console Exclusive?” Just reading this line and I was…I don’t know, sad, angry – my friend said as I wrote theses lines that I’m still are apparently- emotional…I was submerged by a lots of feelings.
Since Tomb Raider Licence was bought by Square Enix, I’m scared when I know that a new game will be out. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the job done by Crystal Dynamics with TRL, TRU…, the reboot after playing them but before, I’m scared  that I won’t recogned Lara anymore and TR Universe. Lara is changing so much, her story line too but after I played the new game, I finally see that it very good and nothing to be worried about. Still, before….can’t help myself
What I can’t really accept is the fact that this game became with time an Xbox Exclusivity. When Underworld was out, I felt really sad with the extension only playable on Xbox. I can accept anexclusivity for a console. I can accept the fact that Halo will never be on PlayStation and it’s absolutely normal! Mario will never be on Xbox because it’s a Nintendo game from the beginning! FROM THE BEGINNING! But Tomb Raider – if I’m right was never a PlayStation exclusivity! I was one of the famous game of Playstation One but not only on this plateform!
They don’t think about us, fans from the beginning of a video game saga! Yes, Rise of Tomb Raider will be out on PC and PS4 next year but NEXT Year! I don’t know what to think. They have their reason surely but don’t let us behind! PLEASE! Don’t do that to us!
I don’t say that I want Tomb Raider being an exclusivity for Sony because I play only on this platefome. No ! BECAUSE it was never only for PS. I just want to be able to play it on any platform since we were able to choose from the start!  It’s like you create a tool for everyone to be able to use it and then the update to keep using it will be available just for a few! It’s soooo strange…It’s no sense to me!
I’m gonna stop here because if I don’t I’ll keep going….This is how I feel for the next Tomb Raider. I just LOVE that game! And I’m scared for the future if it’s starting like this…I don’t want to be left behind.

Akira Aoyama The Nasu

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samedi 11 juillet 2015

It's been a loooong time

Hi everyone!!

It's been a very, extremely long time since I post somthing here isn't it?! I'm sorry! It doesn't mean I stop drawing, not at all...but I'm not able to draw a yonkoma everyweek anymore.

But I post some sketch, illustrations, drawing on my deviant art page, or Facebook page...and sometime on instagram....

For Facebook, you can find me on "AoyamatheNasu" and for DeviantArt, Twitter and Instagram with my nickname: AkiraAoyama or sometime AoyamaAkira and if you saw an Eggplant, it's me.

I'll try to post here too the sketches I put on theses pages or website.

Anyway, I think you haven't seen this sankoma: