Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: juillet 2012

mardi 31 juillet 2012

Audrey and Akira: Onsen

Hi! How are you? Hope you have a lot fun if you are in holidays. If you are not, I hope you don't work too much and that you take time for yourself!

There is a new Illustration. I made it because I don't want to forget my journey in Japan. Well, I won't! I just can't forget that! Anyway, this is a souvenir I have with a very good friend.
We went to a Onsen with Seiko, a very very nice friend we met in Japan. Seiko take us to a onsen in the middle of a beautiful Garden. Don't remember the name of that place...If I do, I'll tell you.

Seems that Ikami reeeallly appreciate this isn't it! I wish I can go back to a onsen soon.

This is a kind of Dedicate to my friend Audrey.

samedi 14 juillet 2012

Is Ikami jealous?

A 二コマ (ni koma) I made for the "About Me" page. I think Ikami is the most reassonable. I, Akira, am maybe a little too much crazy...sometime.
I did this strip directly on my computer. Seems that I like drawing on my PC. It takes time but...finally I can. 

The text on that "About Me" page  is in french but if you want, I can make an English version