Aoyama the Legendary Nasu

jeudi 5 janvier 2012

A new year began and I'm already late on my schedule...So, before my resolution for this year (see I'm late!!) let me post a strip. (is that the first on this blog?!)

Title is Nasushi. In Japan, I ask to my lovely Japanese friends to call me Nas because my true name is a litle too long. In Japanese, we read "Nas" as "Nasu". And it seems that in this beautiful language, "Nasu" mean eggplant.

When I introduced myself, they laugh about the prononciation of "Nas" in Japanese. Since then, I keeep this nickname. So now, I'm Aoyama Akira-Nas The Eggplant.

Well stop talking and lets read this strip...which is a Premiere on my blog.
If you need a translation: 
C1- Nasu:..euuh..

C2- Nasu:..hum...Me too...
        Friend 1 and 2: ahahah ( do I really need to translate this? XD) 
        Friend 3: Isn't it! (or it seems if you like)

C3- Friend 1: I love eggplants! 
        Friend 3: Sushi too! 

C4- Nasu: I'm Nasushi (Nasu+Sushi)... You love me right!

4 commentaires:

  1. Sympa !
    Ton personnage est super adorable je trouve. ^^
    Et puis j'aime bien son air innocent :o)

  2. Watashi mo I looooove youuuuu ^^
    Merci beaucoup ^o^

    (Je publie que maintenant les commentaire parce que j'avais pas vu qu'il y en avait ToT)