Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: "La Mort de Saint Innocent - Musée du Louvre"

mercredi 10 octobre 2012

"La Mort de Saint Innocent - Musée du Louvre"

This week, I was supposed to show you a part of the Illustration I'm working on but I think I'll "break" the surprise. I take too much time...I'm sorry.

So, I decided to post another "Dessin Académique". Yes I made it times ago but I really like it. The original sculpture is at what I call "My Home, My sweet and beautiful Lovely home": Le Musée du Louvre
About the sculpture

It's " La Mort de Saint Innocent   It was at the Saint Innocent Cemetery

I'll show you again my works in my sketchbook
This one was made with a black pen

Oh and if you're nice, I post some "elements" of the drawing I'm working on for next week ;)
Just tell me if you want some...

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