Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: FRINGE, FRINGE FRIIIIIINGE!!

mercredi 3 octobre 2012


Hi everyone!

Sorry, I didn't draw anything "nice" for today (yes, it's 3:10 a.m, wednesday...and I'm was supposed to be for yesterday night...sorry) but I had a very nice week-end - which started Thursday at 16:00 p.m...aaand I didn't really draw...

But, I wanna share with you an AMAZING new! Some of you, the FRINGE'S Fans, knew that the season 5 has began!!!
And I am a BIG FRINGE Fan so, I knew it!!! Who's watching Fringe? I can't be the only one!!!

This is the best U.S drama I ever seen! John Noble is AMAZING. Anna Torv soo wonderful, Peter Jackson, really cute *;* I really like "Astro"...I love all Fringe's Cast! Fringe is the BEST FOX TV Show ever since Dark Angel! (yes I like Glee too but it's not the same..)

I saw all Fringe episodes from all seasons at least 4 times entirely!! I must do it once again for the seaons 5.And then, "Again, again and Again" as Arlene from True Blood said...(We'll talk about it later..)

Yes, we can say that: Aoyama is a FRINGE ADDICT

Aoyama Akira have no Rights on the Background used for this Illustration.
All Rights for the Fringe Wallpaper belong to the FOX Broadcasting Compagny.
But All rights reserved on the drawing and the text.
The AA tag is only for the character, Aoyama Akira...Me ;)

 Ikami: "Akira....what's the deal with this shoes? Not"

Well...I think I didn't post the Fringe Addict Part Two and End did I?'s late...or early so my brain

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