Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: October 19th: The Spirit Day

samedi 20 octobre 2012

October 19th: The Spirit Day

I'm sorry...I didn't know that today was such a Special Day. I'm so sorry. As I want to support that day to, I use an Illustration I made before...I'll do something new I promise!
I'm so sorry >.<

 I'll take that opportunity to say what I think.

Yes I support the LGBT Community. And I'm not affraid to say it loud. You know, I think that I shouldn't have to support them. I think that it MUST be something normal... as a straigth couple can love without hiding themselves, wihtout being bullying.

Yes, in the Bible, God said that a woman must be with a man. But I'm sure, God won't be "angry". He Loves us and want us to find happiness. I think God is Love itself and if loving another man while we are a man - or loving another woman while we are a woman - was forbidden, then, it could not exist. Don't take it wrong. I'm Christian. I pray, go to mass...I believe in God.

Anyway, there is nothing abnormal seeing to people with the same sex in love. I'm not shock or anything else when I see that.

You might think I'm strange but when I see two people who are in love in the street, I smile. Two men, two women or a man and a women...I don't see any difference and I smile. I smile because I can see, with my eyes that Love actually exist. And it's not something utopian. I can really see it. So, if I can see it, this "Love", no matter who they are, I'm happy. So I smile.
Is there anything that should bothers me? I don't think so...What bothers me, is that little mosquito who just bite me! è.é What bothers me is people, young children who died because they were fighting for the right to have an Education. What bothers me is seeing in the XXI century, people diying because they have no food, or water. The useless wars bother me. What bother me is seeing women beat to death or people being raped. This BOTHER me. But two people in love? Not at all!
What if one day, I found someone I love. I trully love and this personn is a girl...should I be shame about it? Do I want to avoid it like it's a disease? Hell no! If I can find true love, I'll accept it arm wide open!

So why will I bullying people who find it? I wish they'll accept me for who I am so I won't do to them what I don't want them to do with me...

For Parents and Family who don't accept it:

Why will you reject your own child because they are Gay or Lesbian? Why are you acting like they are not in your family? I don't understand that. Life is hard enough...for them, for all of us. Loving someone who are the same gender isn't a disease. It's not a curse or a punishment! How could love be such a thing?! Don't try to ignore your child or change him or her. He or she is the same person as you always knew. They haven't change. They just share something important about them with you. So why will you reject them? No matter how hard you'll try, your blood will always be in their veins. And they are a part of you...God won't punish you because you love your child for who they are you know? God don't punish! And He won't be angry neither...Why would He? Isn't your role to Love and protect your children? You are important for them. Don't lose your relashionship, your link with them because of who they love. Straight, Gay, Trans, Lesbians, Bisexual, there is NO difference. Love still Love.
And it's the same thing for sisters or brothers. Support your family...

As you read, I support the LGBT Community. And I am the kind who - no matter who it will be boy or girl -  will love without shame or fear. Moreover if it's true love. I'll protect the One I love no matter what. And even if I don't find the One, I'll fight against bullying with the LGBT Community, I'll fight with them. Everyone deserve to Love and to be Love. The gender isn't important. Love is.

I wish one day, soon, very soon that Everyone will be able to LOVE who they want without being bullying.

 I'll stop here because I'll keep writting if I don't....


hum....Well...for someone who "Love" isn't a favorite subject -.-"...I talk a lot...

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