Aoyama the Legendary Nasu: What are we doing?

samedi 22 septembre 2012

What are we doing?

Two post in one week...not usual.
But you won't have any draw or picture today. There is no picture or illustration which could express how I feel...

Today, I really wanna cry. This world is...became...I don't have any words to describe it. When I say that I really wanna cry is not just words. I really do. Life is really hard for all of us. No matter if we are Black, Caucasians, Asian, young, old, woman or man, Jewish, or Muslim. No matter if we are straight, gay or lesbian. LIFE IS HARD for ALL OF US!

We Human are just stupid beings. We are able to think, to create some incredible things, cure diseases, prevent naturals catastrophe and yet, we ARE destroying everything.

We are stupid being because we don't even learn from the past. With all discovery we made the past few century, with all the amazing technology and possibilities we have we can't even make our lives better. What kind of being are we?! We can have everything, but we can't live together in peace. We always wanna have what others have. More power, more money, more lands and a hand on every natural goods. That's what human being can just be.

Today, men are setting alight a city, a country just because they can't handle some press caricature? They are killing people because they can't handle the simple provocation? They start an "anti-thing" because some people made a movie?

Yes and I'm sorry for that, I'm pointing of some peoples but I'm aware that they aren't all like this. I'm counscious that many of them are kind and are not agree with all what happening now. I'm aware that in all countries, cultures and religions their is some people who's not "nice". It could be anyone, I'll think the same if they act like that.

But still, what kind of person are we if just a thing like that get to us? I haven't seen the movie and I don't know many thing about religious caricatures. But I think it's not a right thing to do. Not at all. Espescially when we know the consequences today.

 But nevertheless, it's not a good reason to erupt into violence. What God want us to protect them and defend them if it means to kill and destroy another country?

Society evolved.And now that we can't travel all other the world, learn more about each other we can't accept others "expressions"? Yes it wasn't nice but if someone make a very bad caricature of my God or me should I kill the one who made it? If someone say something bad or make a joke about me should I destroy them all?

No I won't! Painfull as it could be, I will laugh at it. And this is how I'll show that it didn't get to me. Yes it hurt. But if it mean to live alone in this world- after killing them all -, without any other Human Being, I'll do my best to handle it!This is the true strengh!

Rise an entire nation because what a few people of another country did, ask all our Brother and Sister to hate an entire country because of one piece of paper or movie is just to much.

By this action, you make other human being see ALL of you as a threat. As if they aren't enough suspicious. Now, people who didn't think the same way, people who are not "touch" by this movie or caricature, who doesn't care and just want to live in peace will suffering because of some peoples actions. When Humans are affraid, they just become somehow nasty...more than that.

As I said before, our life wasn't enough hard...we like to have it rough and then when we have it, we cry, we complain...

Yes, today I'm very move by what happen to this world. And sometime, I wish I could be anywhere else but here. When I think about our childrens legacy, what we'll give them, I'm affraid and I don't want to give birth to a child. Knowing he or she will live in a world- or what will left - where pain, suffering, hate, death.. will be the master-words.

I know that I won't change anything with that simple post...but I only it could do something. I want all of us be able to live in peace. I want that when I turn on the television I don't heard about people who kill another because of a stupidity. I don't wanna hear that an entire nation are about to start a war because some Islands or another because they don't appreciate something in the press....

Well..I can't do nothing and make me felle useless. All I can do is not to put all of people in the same boat and try to be as kind as I can, less judging as I could and keep thinking that's not all Human being is bad... 
I have just a question: Where are we going?

We said that Maya predicted the end of the world. It seems that we are not far from it. Just the way it will end is because of our own hands...sadly...We evolve just to end ourselves

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